About Us



Crawlin' to a Cure is a 501(c)3 organization in Colorado founded by Stewart and Vikki Hobbs. Our main objective is to raise money for local families impacted by cancer and the Tiffany Myers Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to graduating students in Eagle and Garfield county area public high schools that have been impacted by cancer in their immediate family. 

Starting this non-profit has had many rewards, we have gotten to know and love some amazing people and their families. Unfortunately, it can also be heart breaking. Some of them have lost their battle to this horrible disease.  Leaving behind sad broken family members. Which is why we decided rather then give money to a cancer organization, we want to keep it in the same community that supports and sponsors our events. 



To support our efforts, we hold an off-road vehicle race. Our first "Racin' to Raise Cash" race was 2011. We design and construct a track with some incredibly difficult obstacles that jeeps, UTV, 4x4s and rock buggies try to complete in the fastest time. We put 100% of the proceeds from this event back into the community.

A cancer diagnoses is a huge financial burden on a family, even with insurance. The whole family must make sacrifices and sometimes that means money saved for college or money for the light bill. 

This race isn't about one person, one driver, one day, one cancer fight or even one type of cancer. This race is about that 3-year-old that has endured more pain and treatments in his short life then many of us ever will, that senior that instead of going to dances, hanging out with friends and playing volleyball, she spent her year fighting bone cancer, that mother who knows she won't be here to watch her children grow up, graduate, get married have babies, that little boy who cries because he no longer remember the sound of his mama's voice. 



Tiffany Myers

On September 11, 2007, Tiffany Myers at age 36, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. This diagnosis rocked her whole family. 

We say "family" because a cancer diagnosis happens to the whole family, not just the one being treated. Every morning everyone gets up and puts on that face of strength, day after day, but it impacts the whole family and they all struggle through this disease that has taken over their lives. 

The next several months were a whirlwind of doctors, hospitals, surgeries and chemotherapy one treatment after another. Following this rush of medical invasion into her life, she as well as all her supporters, were waiting for clear scans, praying she was over this hump. After a year of treatments, in the fall of 2008, she was told it had intruded other areas of her body, it was in her bones.

In 2008 along with friends and family from 7 different states, Tiffany, only a few months after a rod was inserted into her leg to stabilize her femur, walked in their first of 5 Susan G. Komen 3-Day as team Keepin' em Real. We held many different kinds of fundraisers in an effort to raise money. (One of those fundraisers was "buggy rides" in the Gypsum park for Gypsum Daze.) The experience of the 3-Day embodies the vision of HOPE for a world without cancer. After 5 years we decided to bring that hope home and focus our fundraising to help the cancer families in our community with the dream of offering a scholarship. 

Education was always important to Tiffany, when talking about what would we do with the money we raise from this race she thought maybe a scholarship with one question; "How has cancer impacted your life?" To make this scholarship become a reality we became a 501(c)3. When making this decision, we knew this would be Tiffany's legacy no matter what cancer's plan was.

Tiffany was diagnosed with AML Leukemia on December 16, 2015. She passed away not long after on February 20, 2016. She fought cancer for 8 1/2 years. She lived and strived with cancer. Tiffany had such an incredible positive attitude. She wasn't one for the limelight, but she shined bright! Tiffany was and will always be our guiding force. She taught all of us to not "sweat the small stuff" and make everyday count. Tiffany's favorite quote was "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning to dance in the rain." This really was the statement of her life! Tiffany was an inspiration to all that knew her and our very own superhero. Tiffany was a mother to 2 amazing boys, the wife of a supporting husband. She worked full time at the Eagle County School District. She was a friend of many and loved by all that knew her. We will carry on her fight and honor her with; the Tiffany Myers Memorial Scholarship and continue helping families that we have seen firsthand fight to survive this disease. Tiffany's story will forever be the heart of this non-profit. We are all blessed to have known her.