Help us support families impacted by cancer

All donations go directly to families to help wherever it is needed most. Thank you for your support! 

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Where the money goes


We do what we can to help where it is needed most.

Donating to patients that need out of state treatments. Only a hand full of hospitals do trail treatments.

Helping pay the co-pay for medication, did you know some cancer medicine cost as much as $5000 a month.  

Helping with household bills.

Helping with hotel stays, sometime 

patients have to spend months in the hospital for treatment.

Helping terminal patients go on their last vacation with their family.

We have helped with items as big as a car purchase to get back and forth to treatments, a hospital bed down to simple things like groceries.

We love handing over scholarship checks each spring, we go to anywhere from 4 to 10 awards nights. To read their feelings answering their only question "How has cancer impacted my life" are heartbreaking and inspiring. 

A cancer diagnose is such a financial burden on family, even with insurance. The whole family must make sacrifices everything around them changes, some of the families we have helped have lost everything trying to get through this horrible disease. Our goal is to help as many families and students as we can.

If you are needing help or know someone that does please email us.

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